Geology of the Lassen Country

Geology of the Lassen Country

The Geologic Story of Lassen
Volcanic National Park and Vicinity


The book describes the in intriguing geology and geologic evolution of Lassen Volcanic National Park and surrounding areas. The authors provide an up-to-date source of geologic information specific to Lassen Country based on over 30 years of regional field work.

We invite you to explore Lassen Country through:

  • In-depth natural history discussion of Lassen
    Country covering rock-types, volcanoes, geologic time and more
  • Cultural and historical notes about the region
  • Mile by mile geologic tour through Lassen Volcanic National Park to Old Station
  • Eight detailed hikes to get out and explore the geology of Lassen Country
  • Specific locations to explore the Lassen Volcanic National Park, Hat Creek, and Old Station

Coming in spring 2017

This is an admirably lucid, comprehensive, and well-illustrated guide to one of North America’s most active volcanic areas.  It tells a surprising amount about how this planet works, all the way from geological basics to sophisticated tectonic theories.

– David Rains Wallace